Packages  Nutrition and Training 

Packages  Nutrition and Training 



Individual Nutrition Plan 

Private access to the individual nutrition plan. 
Varied meals. With lots of diet replacements. 
Tasty and simple recipes 
I will take into account food intolerances and diseases such as hypothyroidism, insulin resistance 
A diet to prevent and correct deficiencies 
A diet that includes the right amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as the right macronutrient split 
A diet that is personalized to your specific objectives. 
Supplementation plan/ Appropriate supplementation tailored to your needs. 
Quick meals, simple and commonly available ingredients at standard, reasonable costs 
Every week, I review your reports in which you describe how you follow the plan; as a result, I am able to keep a close eye on your results. 
I will instruct you on how to eat "healthily" and wisely. 

Effective Training Plan 

The training plan and nutrition are strictly individualised based on the or ward's level of advancement and requirements. 
Unlimited access to the training app, where each physical activity will be thoroughly explained and shown, automatic progress saving, and an opportunity for me to collaborate with you and monitor your progress and safety throughout each training session. 
I will design programs to your specific medical needs. My top priority is to keep you safe. If necessary, I will keep in regular contact with your family doctor. 
The plan also includes: 
All periodisations, the warm-up model, activations, rehab exercises, 
A Special Muscular Hypertrophy training program in relation to the Macrocycle, Mesocycle, and Microcycle 
Training plans and nutrition for Professional athletes, marathon runners, tennis players, etc . 
You can train at home or wherever is most convenient for you, using rubbers, free weights, or just your body weight. 

Unlimited Support & Motivation 

I have offices with a parking space in the center of Horsham. There is nothing better than meeting face to face and getting to know each other better; you can arrange a consultation with me and cup of coffee or tea and talk about anything you like; you can even park your car and go shopping, for example, if needed. 
Unlimited consultation and asking questions 
Access to the most recent articles and suggestions, as well as my social media, which I intend to develop to a very broad background, I will try to reach as many people as possible, and begin bombarding everyone with useful knowledge and offering helpful nutritional treatments and physical activity. 
Regular monitoring of your effects and plan optimization 
I'm not going to wait for your inquiries to come to me; I'll be the one to contact you first. I'm only interested in you and your achievement. 

Personal Training 1:1 

1 to 1 Classes can be given in Horsham or within a 30-mile range. 
Optional : 
Transportation (from one place to another) is an option. 
Online 1 to 1 training 
Of course, as a nutritionist, I can help you lose weight. I will teach you to deal with sweets, lose unnecessary kilograms, take care of your skin and reduce cellulite. An effective diet will speed up your metabolism and you will feel better and healthier. Dietary consultation with me is the easiest way to achieve your goal. 
I assist my clients in losing weight, improving their figure aspect, and maintaining the effects over time. and, most importantly, to improve their health and relationship with food. 
In fact, I'm not only offering you a diet; I'm also offering you a consultation with me, as part of which you'll get a personalised diet and exercise plan and much more. 

What is the purpose of a consultation? 

Because the most crucial aspect of working with me is the interaction and assistance I will provide, you will achieve your goals as a result of this.  
I will do my best to assist you in achieving health according to your personal ,, Health Definition ".  
It makes no difference who I am or how many qualifications I have. I'm not ashamed to admit if I don't know something, and I'm well aware that I won't be able to provide you with black-and-white answers. Do you have any idea why? 
Because there are no correct answers. As every expert will tell you, "this is the best method to do it in this specific case," but "we don't know enough." My approach is the same. 
The world is changing, clever people are discovering new things every day, and the most important thing is that everyone is so different. 
I recognise and accept that I will not be able to work with everyone, and that some people's needs are beyond my scope of practise, but that doesn't mean I won't try to assist or direct them, listen and find the best solution.  
Unfortunately, people who have completed one online nutrition course are frequently referred to as dietician , trainers, and bloggers on the Internet. 
Your health is far too important to be subjected to weight loss forum advice or the latest internet trend. I fully trust science and apply my knowledge and expirience on it, which I constantly monitor and analyse. 
It is something I use in both my professional life and my individual growth. 


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